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Tips to Properly use N95 mask and reuse of N95 Mask

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

We are reputed N95 and KN95 mask manufacturers in Delhi, India. In this article, we provide detailed information about how to reuse the N95 mask. The reuse of N95 mask refers to using the same N95 mask for multiple encounters with patients but removing it after each encounter. The N95 mask is stored in between the encounters to use again for the next encounter with patients.

The extended use of N95 mask refers to the use of the same N95 mask for repeated close contact encounters with multiple patients, without removing mask between patient encounters.

Tips to properly use N95 face mask
Tips to properly use N95 face mask

Here is some recommendation for reuse of face mask

  • Staff shall perform hand hygiene before a waring face mask

  • Ware clean hand gloves

  • Remove the N95 mask carefully from the pouch

  • Grasp the mask from edges. Separate the edge of the mask to open the mask fully.

  • Slightly bend the nose wire to form a curve

  • Using your headbands and thumbs, separate the two headbands

  • Pull the headbands up over your head

  • Continue to adjust the respiratory secure to edges until there are perfect facial feet.

  • Perform a user seal check

  • Place a surgical mask over the N95 mask

Doffing of N95 Mask
Doffing of N95 Mask

Doffing of N95 Mask

  • Staff shall perform hand hygiene before removing the mask

  • Wear Clean gloves again

  • Remove surgical mask and discard in a waste container

  • Grasp bottom, then top ties and slowly remove the mask from the face

  • Keep the n95 mask Care Fully inside the pouch for the future use

Points to be Remember

  • Staff shall not leave their mask unattained.

  • Staff should not use other persons N95 masks

  • After duty, the mask should be discarded in the waste container

  • Always perform hand hygiene

  • Reusable personal goggles can be warn for the entire session and do not need to be changed between patients as it is safe to do so.

  • After each use, Wash the goggles using soap and water and store it into a plastic pouch.

  • The mask should be removed and discarded if soiled, Damaged, or hard to breathe through

  • Staff must perform hand hygiene before they touch the mask

  • Avoid touching the outer surgical mask

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