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Wear A Face Mask Properly & Stop COVID-19 Spread

How wonderful would it have been if coronavirus never existed, we could have been still enjoying our previous lifestyle, meeting people freely and most importantly walking freely without any hassle of wearing a mask or thinking about social distancing. But, today the reality is different as stepping out of the house seems like gearing for a war zone where you have to be equipped with proper safety gears so that there is no chance of getting exposed to the invisible enemy i.e., the coronavirus.

Today the entire world is struggling with the coronavirus pandemic that has already infected more than 8 million people and caused more than 400,000 deaths and unfortunately, this doesn’t seem like curbing down. Therefore, in this scenario, the WHO and the governments have made it mandatory in many countries to wear a protective face mask whenever one steps out of their house. The seriousness of this situation can be identified as new regulations in countries like India, USA, United Kingdom, Singapore etc., have laid hefty fines or arrest if someone is not found with a face mask in public spaces.

As a responsible citizen and a rational human one has to understand that wearing a face mask is not about comfort but only through a face mask one will keep themselves safe and people around in the public spaces.

The first step to being a protector for yourself and others in these challenging times can be done by understanding the seriousness of grim conditions prevailing around us which is why the following points need to be paid attention:


If you are one of those who believe that rules are meant to be broken then you would want to rethink especially during the coronavirus as these regulations are centric for your safety. The rules such as wearing a face mask in public space are compulsory for your safety from being exposed to this deadly virus.

The need to wear a face mask in public spaces includes busy streets as well as open parks because the deadly virus transfers in the air through the droplets of someone’s cough, talking and sneezing and if someone comes in direct contact with these infectious droplets it can be fatal to their respiratory system along with chances of failure of the entire immunity system.


While many of us can be inside the comforts of our house and effectively maintain social distancing there are many people for whom social distancing is a matter of luxury as many people cannot maintain distance inside their house because of living in cramped spaces or also because of being homeless therefore for such people it becomes more important that they can keep themselves protected by wearing a face mask.

On the other hand, people who are in the essential services such as medical professionals and police personnel can also not practice social distancing at great lengths as their job involves meeting new people every day which is why they too need to keep themselves safe through a face mask so that they and the people who come in their contact are protected.

The decision to wear a face mask is still solely your decision but one has to understand that by wearing face masks no one’s freedom is being curtailed as no freedom can be seen more valuable than the entire human race’s safety.


There is no doubt that face masks are uncomfortable but at the same time, their protection against the infectious droplets cannot be disregarded as according to recent scientific observations it has been found that these infectious droplets can travel up to 30 feet which effectively can be prevented from entering our respiratory system through our mouth or nose if we are wearing a protective layered face mask.

The scientists have pointed out that though face masks cannot eliminate the spread of infectious droplets, it can certainly break their intensity and size as the chances of small droplets being in circulation get minimized when people are wearing face masks in public spaces enhancing the chances of reducing the mass contamination, therefore, it is advised that while being in public spaces one should wear a protective layered face mask but at the same time it is important that effective social distancing is maintained and the eyes are touched with bare hands only after being thoroughly washed with soap and water.


Often people think that wearing any kind of face mask will be sufficient to keep themselves protected which can be true but only to an extent as the homemade masks or just fabric mask aren’t designed with layers that can filter the infectious droplets which is why experts and medical professionals suggest that people should wear face masks that are made of at least three or more layers of fabric that will effectively stop the harmful substances in the air to enter through the masks.

It has also been observed that many people have replaced face masks by wearing neck gaiters but this has to be highlighted that these gaiters are ineffective for preventing the transpiration of airborne viruses as they are designed only to support the neck. Secondly, by keeping them on the neck constantly these gaiters get unhygienic and if they are not washed regularly or sanitized regularly then they become completely insufficient to give hygienic protection.

Therefore, it is advised that the only way to be protected during the coronavirus and in future as well it is always safer to use face masks that are specifically designed to filter the dust, pollutants, smog, infectious bacteria and airborne diseases that circulate in the air. These protective face masks are equipped with layers of fabric that act as a barrier and also gives ventilation reducing any chances of side effects such as fatigue that can occur because of covering the nose and mouth for a long time.


The coronavirus has brought out some bitter truth of the society when it comes to the affordability of medical facilities and protective gear but that doesn’t mean that people who cannot afford the protective layered face masks should not be able to effectively safeguard themselves in these challenging times.

Therefore, if one cannot get their hands on protective layer masks they can always make their face masks. According to many experts, one can stitch and sew their face mask with a cotton t-shirt by adding at least 3 layers of the cotton fabric in it which shall help in filtering as well as allow the ventilation.

In the light of the challenging times, it is important that we collectively protect each other which is why Kenko Medicare, a pioneer in manufacturing premium and safe face masks is determined to ensure your and your family’s safety by making protective layered Kenko N95 face masks with 3D protection, respiratory safety valve at affordable prices.

The Kenko N95 face masks have been built with Advanced Melt Blow Filters that filters 99.7% of bacteria, dust, pollutants, smog and harmful bacterial substances existing in the air. To ensure complete protection and comfort these face masks have been designed with 5 layers and 6 layers of ultra-soft and skin-friendly fabric that can keep you safe and comfortable at all times.

Today only we can keep ourselves safe by wisely wearing a protective face mask in public spaces so that our future generations can breathe again freely.

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