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What is N95 Mask and Importance of N95 Mask

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

What is N95 Mask?

N95 is the personal protective equipment that healthcare workers wear during the treatment of a infected patient. This mask is called an N95 Mask because this mask can filter 95% airborne particles from the air. These types of masks are made from synthetic polymer fibers and this material is made by automated machines. Lots of people say that they can make a N95 mask at home but it is not possible to create a N95 mask at home. Yes, you can make a normal face mask at home. Homemade masks and normal face masks are not as effective as n95 masks because the pores of normal masks are bigger.

As reputed N95 Mask manufacturers and suppliers in Delhi, India, we suggest you do not use N95 mask more than five times because after use the surface of the mask is contaminated with moisture and pathogens.

First N95 mask created in 1972 by the melt blowing process.

5-Layer 3D Protection N95 Mask With Respiratory Valve Specifications
5-Layer 3D Protection N95 Mask With Respiratory Valve Specifications

Why N95 Mask

N95 Masks are made from five to six layers. They are leakage proof and protect you from bacteria and virus. Wearing a face mask will prevent the spread of viral infection. When somebody coughs or sneezes near you that time they release the germs in the air that may infect you or others nearby. Facial masks are one of the very important weapons to eliminate cross-contamination.

Tips to wear and remove the Mask:

  • Clean your hands with soap and weather or alcohol-based hand sanitizer before touching the face mask.

  • Check both sides of the mask and ensure that there are no holes at both sides of the mask.

  • Hold the air loops of the mask in your hands and place the loops around your ear.

  • Clean your hands again to remove the mask.

  • Hold both the ear loops and gently remove the loops from the ear.

  • Throw the mask into the trash.

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